As the federal government continues to up mileage standards on new vehicles, known as CAFE (corporate average fuel economy), manufacturers are using lighter and more efficient materials to build vehicles, such as magnesium, composites, aluminum and other materials make it possible for a vehicle to achieve the mandated federal mileage standards while being strong enough to also meet the federal crash worthiness standards.

Starting in 2015 Ford Motor Company took a big step forward by introducing their new F-150 design. This was the first mass produced domestic vehicle with all of the vehicles passenger compartment and bed structure as well as exterior panels constructed entirely of aluminum material. Along with the new material comes new technology, procedures, and training for repair shops to be able to return the vehicle to the manufacturers original standards.

Blair Auto Body is trained and has the proper equipment necessary to repair the F-150 and other aluminum vehicles back to the manufacturers standards. We use Chief, Pro Spot, and Dent Fix aluminum repair equipment.