The most visible part of any vehicle is its finish. When repairing a vehicle, it is critical that the finish applied to the car matches the finish that is already on the car. Not only the color match, but the texture of the paint as well. This a very skilled and specialized part of the repair. Our painters have a combined 60 years of experience in this area.

Today’s vehicles finishes are becoming more complex. Most vehicles today have a two stage finish (color & clearcoat), We see an increasing number of vehicles with a three stage finish (color, mid coat, clearcoat), and in recent years vehicles with a “tinted clearcoat” have become more popular. These finishes have a color coat and a clearcoat like a regular two stage finish, but the clearcoat also has color added to it. These complex finishes require much skill in matching.

Contrary to popular belief, knowing the vehicles “paint code” is only the beginning of an often long and tedious process of fine tuning the formula of color that will actually be sprayed on your vehicle. A period of hours can be spent tinting the color on your vehicle before your vehicle is sprayed. When the color match has been completed, the vehicle is then masked and rolled into our paint booth for spraying. The booth’s temperature is adjusted depending on the paint manufacturers’ recommendations. We mix our own paint with a Sherwin Williams paint mixing system.